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I’m never been the one who sit, relax and enjoy life. I want to always be on the move, doing so many things at once. I’m the person that lies wide-awake at night, develops a stomachache from a rush overwhelming thoughts of things I want to do, try and accomplish. It varies from creative projects, blog ideas, places I want to visit or areas of the house I want to clean! My mind is constantly on the roll before going to bed so I started listing all my thoughts on my phone. I recently checked my task list and was surprised by some of the shit I wrote. Here’s a peek of my brain poop. Some, great ideas and some just plain ridiculous:

Learn French… (it’s about time)

Learn and master Photoshop… (I can photoshop my face)

Organize my desk and inbox…(being given 2GB of space isn’t a lot)

Organize closet in time for fall and winter…(time to bring out coats and jackets)

Put together mood board for accessorizing the house…(put final touches for our house that won’t look kitsch)

Paint cupboard in the room and transform it to a usable storage unit…(looks like a DIY project)

Grow an herb pot… (I want the smell of basil and mint in my kitchen all the time)

Build a well stocked, well equipped bar at home…(coz that’s just badass)

Redesign my blog…(still needs some work)

Wear heels more often…(wear the 1000 pair of high heels in my closet)

Learn how to ride a bike… (nuff said)

Master excel… (who wouldn’t want to be a master at excel?)

Go on a diet!!!… (stop binge eating!)

Go back to Zumba and Yoga…(go back to doing things I love)

Explore craft supplies at Al Rawnaq…(full of DIY treasure and sparkly things)

Put together Christmas gift list…(so far it’s things I want to buy myself)

Master how to make a mean dry martini…(I decided this will be my grown up drink)

Learn how to create a perfect cheese board and wine pairing… (my in-laws would be so proud)

Go to a rock concert in Montreal…(with messy hair, in a tank top drinking beer)

Finally go skydiving…(I’ve only been thinking about it for 4 years now)


That’s only half of my list…


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