Our house is still undergoing decoration, as it doesn’t feel quite complete yet. We have yet to fill our gallery wall, decorate a dead space in our living room and recently, we finally put up a massive art piece on our wall.

When we were decorating our house, we knew we wanted to have a huge art  piece that cover one side of our wall. We went back and forth between graffiti art, a series of B&W photographs, or pop art. One day we toyed around the idea of putting graphic novel print that seems relevant to my comic obsessed husband. Anthony got excited obviously, gathered his favorite graphic novel collection ‘100 Bullets’ and marked his favorite pages.

We decided on one that stands out the most (I get to have the final approval). The illustration is quite unique and the colors set the tone right. We wanted to maintain the  comic strip composition and have it without the frame borders so we decided to print in canvas fabric. The result was beautiful and commands attention upon entering our house. It also ties all the decoration pieces and accessories in our house and what’s best is it’s personal and relevant to us.

My best advise when decorating your home is to take your time in finding pieces that you will fall in love with whether it’s a piece of furniture or a specific candle scent. Your home should be your sanctuary and a place filled with your favorite things.


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