Brunch has become our way to celebrating any special occasion amongst my friends whether be it birthdays, our engagement, goodbye party or a welcome back party. I personally love the leisurely atmosphere, great food and excuse to drink champagne at 12noon. This Friday, we went to W Hotel’s Market, our favorite brunch place to welcome one of our good friends back to Doha (you can see his wedding here). Since I knew it was going to be a 4-hour affair of just eating and drinking, my outfit was calculated so that I’m relaxed, and the elastic band of my skirt would accommodate my potbelly afterwards. I also wore the necklace my husband gave me,  it has quickly become my favorite piece of jewelry.

Gifted bracelet, gifted J.Crew pink bracelet, Casio watch

ASOS bag, Chloe sandals

House of Harlow necklace (from Impression Boutique)


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