View of our villa

We moved from city to city in Italy and while we enjoyed our time in each city, Tuscany was definitely the highlight of our trip. We stayed at Villa Dievole, a private eight hundred acre vineyard estate nestled in the Tuscan hills. They produce local Tuscan Dievole wines and Chianti Classico and on our first day, jumped on an opportunity to partake in a wine tasting tour and sampled their local wines as well as toured their vineyard and wine cellars. That same night Anthony and I enjoyed a 5-course tasting dinner of local Tuscan dishes each complimented by a different Dievole wine. We were in a full induced coma shortly after.

The next day was dedicated to one thing only- relaxation. We slept in, sat and read in the terrace all afternoon with a glass of their finest rose wine and just before the sunset, we went for a very long walk in the vineyard and lavender lined road around the villa. I put on a crisp white dress that night and celebrated our last night with a candlelight dinner in one of their cellars.

View from our room

Wine tasting at one of their cellars complimented by pecorino cheese

This is what our afternoon look like

Going for long walks in their vineyard with wine on hand

Beautiful entryway to the villa


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