July 2012


July 31 2012

    I edited my closet last week and took out almost half of the content. I was pretty ruthless with my selection and kept only the items that fit perfectly, right color and that are within the realm of my style. In an attempt to put a system in my closet, I drafted a [...]


July 30 2012

  I’ve been to Jones the Grocer once since opening only because it’s impossible to get a table anytime of the day. But as people head to Iftar during Ramadan, we took advantage of a quite period at the restaurant to finally have a taste of their famous burger. We settled to split the Jones [...]


July 29 2012

  Maxi skirt comes second place as my go-to Ramadan outfit. It’s surprisingly versatile and can be worn all season. I love it because it helps hide my enormous thighs and manly legs and it also makes me look taller and slimmer especially when paired with sky-high heels or wedges. Choose a maxi skirt that [...]


July 26 2012

Not drinking and eating in public is always the hardest adjustment I had to make during Ramadan but this month does offer a few perks especially getting to leave work early. More time at home gave me a chance to spend time with my husband, organize our home and setting a closet system. I’m looking forward to spending [...]


July 25 2012

Red lips is the easiest way to update your look and create a statement but I can understand most women seem to find applying it daunting as it takes precision and practice to create that seamless look. Here I’m going to show tried and tested techniques on how to apply a red lipstick that will [...]


July 24 2012

Ramadan is not only the time to discipline the body and mind with the absence of food and water but it’s also the time to make greater commitments like having the desire to help others or becoming a better person overall. I may not be practicing Muslim but I wanted to celebrate this blessed month [...]


July 23 2012

  I’ve been making an effort to get over my fear of baking by trying out new recipes every week and I decided to make Lemon Meringue Pie this weekend with the help of my new toy and my pie-obsessed friend. Making pastries and pie intimidate the shit out of me because of all the ‘rules’ that [...]