This week naturally followed ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ saying. I come home late everyday but instead of passing out, I managed to catch up on my TV shows, went for cucumber martini for a celebration and squeezed in late night date night with Anthony in Grand Hyatt. This weekend, we’ll be spending time with my brother-in-law who arrived in Doha for good, going to a horror-night movie with the girls and buying a bicycle. My goal this weekend is to decorate our house a bit for Halloween, look for an easy costume and if time allows,make a Halloween treat.

Let’s welcome the beginning of the weekend with a smile and here are some things that are made me smile this week. My pinterest board is on the top of my list because I’ve been a pinning whore this week!

Happy weekend lovelies

My go to dark polishes for Fall/Winter

Freshly made baguette for brunch that Anthony prepared last weekend

My nephew Lucas preparing his car for our race

Designer eyewear I found at my sister-in law’s garage sale. Miu Miu you think?

My new girl crush


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