When it comes to travel beauty, my approach is practicality and longevity. We’re gone for 2 weeks and traveling to 5 different cities, I packed my essential multipurpose items and long lasting makeup considering that our travel style is typically sighseeing the whole day and eating the whole day as well. Here’s a sneak peek of my travel makeup bag for a foolproof holiday looks:

Always in my bag: I keep hand sanitizer, lotion, lip balm, wet wipes and tissue (not pictured) in my bag at all times.

Travel essentials: I’m really sensitive to the sun, a good sunblock and sunscreen for my face is a must. Bioderma sunscreen is really light and provides a good protection for photosensitive skin like mine. Klorane Dry shampoo reduces oiliness in your hair and gives hair extra volume when needed. My face and eyes tend to get really dehydrated especially when I’ve been out in the sun the entire day, Kiehl’s eye cream is a lovely smooth creamy texture that hydrates your skin in no time.

M.A.C travel size brush, M.A.C Blotting powder, M.A.C Blush in Gingerly, Dior Hydra makeup, Makeup Forever primer, M.A.C concealer, Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner, M.A.C. clear lipgloss, Benifit illuminizer, Sephora eyelash curler

Daytime makeup: I’m all about fresh faced barely-there makeup that won’t smudge by lunch time.  First, I prep my skin with matt primer and apply tinted moisturizer (with SPF of course!) and concealer under my eyes and on any red spots on my face. I then use a peachy blush that also serve as my bronzer and apply a dot of illuminizer on my cheeks for an extra glow. A line my eyes with a long lasting gel eyeliner from Bobbi Brown (my favorite makeup item) and apply two coats of mascara. I either use a lip balm or a clear gloss to finish my daytime look. I keep a blotting powder in my bag for touch ups.

Chanel Passion lipstick, M.A.C. chatterbox, Sephora Orange lipstick, Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner, Chanel Mat Lumiere Foundation

Nighttime look: Since it is our honeymoon, we’ll be spending most nights having a romantic dinner/drinks and going for walks after dinner. Eyeliner and punchy lipstick goes a long way in terms of creating a variety of evening looks. I use a matt foundation to provide a little more coverage that the tinted moisturizer, do a cat eye with bold lipstick in either pink, orange or red for a classic romantic look. I also learned how to do a smokey eye by using gel eyeliner instead of eyeshadow since it gives a more vibrant black and it stays longer but I tend to stay away from doing that since I don’t trust myself to freshen up and fix my makeup after a few cocktails and a bottle of wine.


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