Our honeymoon kicked off in Venice, one of the most romantic cities in the world. Normally when we travel, Anthony and I would have an itinerary and bookmarked the touristy spots we’re curious to see but we took a relaxed approach for this trip and simply embraced what the city had to offer. We took leisurely strolls for hours, sneaking into narrow alleyways and stealing a kiss on top of every bridges (bonus for me Venice is full of bridges).

Venice was also starting point of our gastronomical journey. Anthony and I share the same adventurous approach for food in the sense that we will travel anywhere, try absolutely anything and spy where locals flock to eat. While there, I sampled the freshest anchovies, grilled polenta, truffle tagliolini and hands down the BEST risotto in one of the restaurants in the colorful village of Burano featured in Anthony Bourdain’s show ‘No Reservations’.

I must say that we got a pretty fun start but my favorite moment of all was walking back to our hotel immersed in a deep conversation one night or laughing our asses off some other nights while the city still so alive yet romantic.

Grand Canal

People have started to put ‘love locks’ on the bridge

Colorful water taxi station

Cutest window ever

Gondola (beautiful but a rip off)


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