June 2012


June 28 2012

There’s really nothing better than being home. It’s brings me comfort to be sleeping in my own bed, lounging around the sofa catching up on E News! and being surrounded by familiar faces again. I’m slowly readjusting to being back in Doha and it wasn’t as cruel as I had expected. This week we had [...]


June 27 2012

We’re back in Doha and we’re happy to be sleeping in our own bed, watching TV and being around our friends and families. Italy was wonderful, everything what we’d hope it’s really those little things and special moments that makes every trip memorable. Here are some of mine:


June 26 2012

I mentioned here that we had a nice welcome upon our arrival in Rome and we continued that pace throughout our stay. We pretty much got our natural routine down. The whole day was spent sightseeing and walking from one site to the other, we’d call 5PM as our beer o’clock followed by people watching at a [...]


June 25 2012

We moved from city to city in Italy and while we enjoyed our time in each city, Tuscany was definitely the highlight of our trip. We stayed at Villa Dievole, a private eight hundred acre vineyard estate nestled in the Tuscan hills. They produce local Tuscan Dievole wines and Chianti Classico and on our first [...]


June 24 2012

Our honeymoon kicked off in Venice, one of the most romantic cities in the world. Normally when we travel, Anthony and I would have an itinerary and bookmarked the touristy spots we’re curious to see but we took a relaxed approach for this trip and simply embraced what the city had to offer. We took [...]


June 17 2012

Confession time: I’ve been saving up to buy a classic Chanel bag for years. I knew exactly what I wanted- black, lambskin, small size with silver chain. I was so close to buying it last year while I was in France but I chickened out and felt guilty to make such an extravagant purchase. This year, [...]


June 15 2012

We’ve only been in Rome for 2 days and the city had already brought us so many happy surprises. The hotel gave us a room with a wonderful terrace (the only one they have) and a bottle of wine as a honeymoon present. We’ve met up with good friends over dinner and drinks and have already [...]