At home manicure is something I always wanted to master. After months of practice, I’m at a level where I can play around with simple nail design. Last week I was flipping through a local magazine and saw that Sephora is selling the new Ciate Caviar Nail Polish set, it became my mission to buy and try it this weekend. I got myself the pink and white one (the black wasn’t available) and immediately got my nail art on. The packet comes with a nail polish, the micro pearl, a funnel and a step-by-step instructions. Applying the beads on my entire nail felt excessive for me so I went with a more subtle approach of sprinkling just half of the nail.

The nail polish wasn’t easy to apply as its streaks easily. I went with 3 coats instead of what was instructed which is two coats. Sprinkling the beads was pretty easy but my tip is to tap the bottle instead of pouring so you have more control. I finished it off with a clear nail polish to seal the beads in place.

The result is darn cute but you can’t help but be a bit paranoid of what you’re touching in case the beads come off. Anthony also like it and when we were in the car, he questioned if I would inhale the beads if I pick my nose! Good question indeed.

Ciate Caviar Manicure set is available at Sephora for QR145 (USD40).

Ciate Caviar set: nailpolish and micro pearls

Start off with clean nails and apply a layer of base coat

Apply two coats of the nail polish

I went ahead on a third coat. Don’t let the last coat dry and sprinkle the micro pearls right away

Gently tap the beads into place

Move on to the next nail

I wish all messes are this pretty

Once done, use the funnel to return the leftover beads into the jar

Voila. Cotton candy nails with caviar beads


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