October 2012


October 31 2012
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I’m a bit origami loser and it’s something I enjoy doing to distress and it yield beautiful result. Now origami is taking the streets of Europe and Asia with the urban installation of French artist Mademoiselle Maurice. The street art is characterized by folding hundreds of origami creations in a spectrum of vivid colors that [...]


October 30 2012

  November means festival season and this month’s wish list is what I call 24/7 clothes. These are pieces that are both comfortable for carrying boxes yet look professional for a meeting or when around festival guests or press. And since Doha won’t grant us cold weather, I’m sticking to blazers with leather sleeves as [...]


October 29 2012

Having an aperitif on a weekend is always welcomed at our house. I like the idea of having neat alcohol beverage and something to nibble before dinner. I used to prepare myself a martini bianco with ice and lemon or contreau with orange peel but it’s since been replaced with negroni after being introduced to [...]


October 28 2012

I was pretty excited about the arrival of Fall and cool weather but November in Doha seem to be in a roaring strike and refuses to give us a slight breeze in the air. After taking out my cozy cable knits and thick jackets last week, opening my closet now makes me instantaneously sweat. For [...]


October 25 2012

This week has been both crazy and fun. A lot of long hours at work was balanced with quality time at home. My highlight of the week was putting an impromptu bad dance party at home with Anthony (King of bad dance) to shake off the lousy day I had. We also hosted a really [...]


October 24 2012

  I’m never been the one who sit, relax and enjoy life. I want to always be on the move, doing so many things at once. I’m the person that lies wide-awake at night, develops a stomachache from a rush overwhelming thoughts of things I want to do, try and accomplish. It varies from creative [...]


October 23 2012

At home manicure is something I always wanted to master. After months of practice, I’m at a level where I can play around with simple nail design. Last week I was flipping through a local magazine and saw that Sephora is selling the new Ciate Caviar Nail Polish set, it became my mission to buy [...]