Fluffiest scrambled egg ever!

Friday Brunch is by far my favorite thing to do on the weekend. I love waking up early on a Friday morning, picking up fresh products from the supermarket and preparing something beautiful while Anthony is still sleeping. I usually change it up every week and but my rotating favorites are Eggs Benedict (with homemade hollandaise sauce, no less) with roasted potatoes, continental breakfast consisting of pain chocolate, croissant and brioche and my specialty: scrambled eggs on sourdough bread with roasted Portobello mushroom and cherry tomatoes (a Gordon Ramsay video recipe). I prepared a proper brunch setting last Friday as a welcome back thing for my brother-in-law and on the table we had crab salad canapés, smoked salmon with lemon crème fraise and goat cheese for spread. I then took a hard earned nap after that feast.


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