August 2012


August 30 2012

[youtube=] After a few cocktails, I broke into a dance to this song last night I dove straight to work after coming back from Scotland and that had me needing another vacation after this crazy week. I’m glad to have a very understanding husband that doesn’t mind having late-night dinners, who fixes me a drink [...]


August 29 2012

My week in Edinburgh was filled with fun highlights but the most memorable of course was the wedding. The wedding was set in Kailzie Gardens right next to the duck pond and  nestled among some of the oldest trees in Peebles. Guests were greeted by the sound of the bagpipes and ushered themselves to the [...]


August 28 2012

I typically shower for a good 30 minutes not because I’m super anal about getting myself cleaned but my mind is always on the roll when under the cascading water. My brain is mostly consumed with never ending to-do list but quite often produced some of my best ideas. After having washed my hair twice [...]


August 27 2012

  One of the many activities we’ve done in Peebles pre-wedding was visiting the Traquair House and their brewery for a taste of their house ale. Although the whole experience of running around the maze, visiting each room of the house and the ale tasting were a lot of fun, the most memorable for me [...]


August 26 2012

My friend’s wedding in Scotland was simply magical. It was held in a beautiful garden just outside Peebles which lends itself to a breathtaking backdrop (even the sheep joined the ceremony). There was a lot of love in the room, great fun and lots of dancing. I saw the venue a day before the wedding [...]


August 23 2012

This  week in Scotland was just incredible and I’m so glad I managed to go. My friends wedding was incredibly gorgeous and a lot of fun. Everything looked stunning from the bride, the venue, decoration and food. I was on the dancefloor the entire night Ceilidh (pronounced as Kay-lee) dancing and kicked some serious ass (the Scotch helped set the [...]


August 22 2012

I’m a self-confessed onion and garlic whore. Caramelized onions and crushed garlic are staple ingredients whenever I’m free styling in the kitchen. Onion can be a bitch to cut and it used to take me so long to dice them and I’d be bawling in just mere seconds. I’ve since learned the trick on how [...]