November 2012


November 22 2012

This week I was on auto pilot mode and have started to feel the pain everywhere. I’m sorry for not posting anything for 2 days and I promise to be back on track next week when I’m rested and relaxed. My main priority after the festival is sleep and a massage to straighten all my [...]


November 19 2012

Anthony’s birthday was on the first day of the festival and it’s his first birthday that we spent apart. I woke up early to make (5 am) his favorite dessert as a surprise before going to work. His all-time favorite is a chocolate and pear tart and I was a bit nervous since it’s my first [...]


November 18 2012

Yesterday marked the fourth edition of Doha Tribeca Film Festival. The glitz and glamour on the red carpet is very different from the what’s going on behind the scene. We were on our feet frantically getting things done before the big night but as soon as the carpet was rolled out, we changed from our [...]


November 15 2012

A week before the festival is always the craziest. Emotions are high and everyone is trying to get last minute work done. Despite all the madness, work has been fun thanks to the people I work with. There are laughter, venting and bitching, and making fun of each other on a daily basis. This week [...]


November 14 2012

  A little motivational quote to lift up your spirit in the middle of the week.


November 13 2012

  This is my third edition working for DTFF and with the great opportunities I’ve had traveling to film festivals this year, I’ve learned that preparation and being really organized is key to surviving the madness. I’ve had instances where I didn’t have time to eat, didn’t have the right papers in my bag, and [...]


November 12 2012

An apple tart is the only dessert I can master because it’s easy, quick and impossible to mess up. I love this version in particular since it’s only a 2-step process: cut the apples and sprinkle with sugar and lay it all in a store bought puff pastry (I got mine in Carrefour). The sweetness of [...]