Last Saturday we finally got our wedding videos and watching them in bed got me all teary eyed again. I started to recount the time I got engaged a year ago, planning the wedding and how the wedding turned out to be plain perfect.  Keeping the momentum high, I decided to blog about my wedding as promised here starting off with the little details.

Although at times my husband and I had conflicting ideas (I wanted to do 100 things, he only wanted to do 10 things) we kept it in our mind, to have our wedding reflect both our personalities and then it was easy to decide on the ideas we wanted to incorporate in our wedding.

1,000 Love Cranes

We’ve had a special place in our hearts for Japan ever since we went there on a holiday. We are truly fascinated with the culture and it was only natural to inject a little Japanese love into our wedding by folding 1,000 paper cranes. I started folding cranes as you can see here almost a year ago (fastest record is 25seconds per crane) and we instantly knew that they would  be the highlight decoration of the wedding.


The whole look and feel of the reception’s decorations was based around a clean backdrop with pops of colour and fun all around. The entire space was covered with white fabric, white napoleon chairs, banquet tables with white table linens and a white photo booth backdrop. Splashes of colour were added with the cranes, flowers, stationery and fruit burst candies.

I envisioned the wedding reception to be a colourful ethereal garden and I wanted the flowers to reflect just that. We picked spring garden flowers in every colour we could find and collected close to 60 empty jars and bottles. The flowers were lined up along the long banquet tables which provided such a wonderful burst of colour. Almost all the ladies took home a jar or two to display in their homes which was pretty special to me.

Graphic Designs

A very good friend of mine back in advertising promised me a long time ago that she would do my invitation cards when I got married and I’m sure she wanted to take it back the moment I called her up for designs. I had a very specific look in mind which was modern, streamlined, and clean with a focus on typography and of course, fun colorful accent graphics. She totally got what I wanted and translated it beautifully in her designs. She like me is also obsessed with consistency so we designed all the graphics for our wedding with the same look and feel from stationery, to signage and even the candy labels!

Dessert Table

The dessert table was my baby and I entrusted the help of my dessert loving friends to help me create a buffet worth dying for.  We wanted to have cupcakes as our wedding cake and my friend turned me into a cupcake loving person when she made a batch that tasted better than Magnolia cupcakes. I knew I wanted her to make our wedding cake and I’m glad she agreed.  My other girlfriend made Lazy Cakes- one of my favorite desserts and one of our bridesmaids made this amazing marshmallow covered in chocolate that Anthony was craving. A lot of brainstorming went into selecting candies to purchase but we of course settled for the best: sour tongues, gummy bears, jelly beans, runts and gum balls.


D.I.Y was a big part of our decoration because it was a challenge finding the right supplies here in Doha but also because I love doing arts and crafts. Apart from the cranes, we made tissue pom poms, signs for the ceremony, candy favor bags, escort cards and candy labels.  My girlfriends had my back and we had a number of DIY nights at our dining table.


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