Cymbeline Daylice Dress


It’s hard to let go of some things that are very meaningful to you especially if that ‘thing’ is your wedding dress.  I’ve been married for only four months and one day my husband suggested that I sell my wedding dress, I flatly said “No, that dress has sentimental value to me” and always the one who say the right things, my husband then replied “You won’t treasure those memories if your dress is packed and tucked at the very top of your closet”. It’s true that the memories of our wedding will live in my heart and through beautiful photographs. After coming to that realization, I decided to sell my wedding dress online. I’m not looking to profit from this wedding dress but I would hate to just get rid of it or keep it in my closet and get deformed. I love the idea of somebody benefiting from buying my wedding dress for a fraction of the original price and feel as beautiful as how I felt on my wedding day.

My Cinderella Story:

Every woman would agree that finding ‘the’ wedding dress is like living a true fairytale story. Finding mine was true faith.I’ve spent a good amount of time looking for dresses in Doha and even toyed with the idea of having it custom made. After having exhausted my options locally, I had to branch out and since I was holidaying in South of France that year, my then fiancé helped me search for bridal boutiques in Nice and Cannes.

I narrowed down 5 stores and my mother-in-law happily accompanied me. I asked to visit one bridal boutique first because I had a strong feeling that the shop would be nice and I was right. Martene Toledano  has immaculately curated selection of dresses from designers like Jenny Packham, Vera Wang, Pronovias, and Cymbeline. The ladies working in the showroom although spoke no English were still extremely helpful. After browsing through racks of wedding dresses, I preselected 3 gowns and I insisted to try a specific one since it had my heart racing having laid eyes on it. When I slipped on the dress by Cymbeline, I knew it was the one. The dress is unique and very true to my sense of style, it has a structured bodice and an unconventional asymmetrical neckline and my favorite part is the multi layered net frill that shied away from being considered a meringue dress. Luckily, they had it in my size and required very little alterations. I picked out a floor sweeping cathedral veil with satin piping from the same designer that complimented the dress perfectly which satin shoes to match that I didn’t end up wearing on my wedding day.

What makes this dress so special was trying on the FIRST dress in the FIRST shop on my FIRST day in France. I’m sad to let this go to be honest but I don’t want to hold on to material things to remember the best day of my life. Seeing my husband every day when I wake is a better reminder and I’m excited of what’s to come.



Back view: corset top with a long train


Cymbeline cathedral veil with satin piping

Whole look




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