Welcome to Clumsy Chic!

Most of you knew from my last post here that I got married. Our wedding was such an incredible day filled with so much love and happiness (I will dedicate a post sharing details of our wedding soon). Even though we’ve been together for almost 5 years, being newlyweds brings pure bliss! I feel renewed and inspired so I channelled this towards redesigning and even renaming my new blog completely.

I started my blog to fuel my creativity and write about what makes me happy. I took this time off to reasses what I want my blog to become- a true reflection of who I am and share things I’m passionate about. I chose the name ‘Clumsy Chic’ as it sums up who I am: Clumsy (ask my husband) and I have a certain clumsiness with my style in a sense that It’s never really thought through. I will also be blogging about other aspects of my life that I’m crazy about: design, dance, organizing, little snippet about marriage life and of course fashion.

Enjoy the rest of the week and come back regularly for updates!


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