When you live in Doha for so many years and you’re surrounded by just sand and sand color buildlings, you grow a stronger appreciation for color and street art.  Whenever I travel, half of my photo album are images of street graffiti I see on the street and there’s a relatively new form of street graffiti that is causing a global phenomenon that I’m hoping I’d get the chance to see.  “Yarn Bombing” is a softer form of street graffiti crocheting buildings, vehicles, sculptures, trees and even people. The artists uses a kaleidoscope of colors that really hits you in the face which to me feels like skittles because it’s colorful, crafty, and non-destructive.

The artist that pioneered this movement is polish-born artist Agata Oleksiak otherwise known simply as “Olek”. She has travelled all around the world and has left astoundingly inventive creations like the following:



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