March 30 2014

News flash ladies, crop tops are here to stay! blogged about it here, it became my motivation to work out (I’m that shallow) and took this opportunity this weekend to flash a sliver of skin before I go on a downward spiral of stress eating and binge eating again. Of course what does an inner [...]


March 23 2014

Just as I welcomed the first day of spring, Doha gave us rain this weekend instead. But it’s all good since I got to wear this soft trench coat and stomped around the Pearl feeling like the Matrix. Although my trench is not made out of PVC like Trinity, I love the fluidity and the [...]


March 16 2014

What do Kanye West and I have in common? We both fell fashion victim on the latest stan smith cult. If Kanye was reading this, he will be quick to point out that he is no victim but an initiator and a god- ok, Mr. West. Anyway, let’s move on… I have long waited and [...]


March 9 2014

Anthony and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary at The Chedi Muscat. Our only itinerary was to take advantage of the resort facilities and to relax. We hopped from one pool to another, sampled their cocktails, and enjoyed a hot stone massage at their spa. I had planned to get glammed up for dinner at the [...]


March 4 2014
March Must Have

As if doing Insanity workout wasn’t hard enough, I tortured myself even more and went on an ‘online shopping detox’ for a whole month. When I’m feeling fashion cyberspace deprived, window-shopping in malls provided a little bit of comfort.  It was a nice reminder that before being sucked into the online shopping vortex, I would pound [...]


March 2 2014

Hello folks, remember me? I’m back from  blogging hiatus. I have Shaun T and the French to blame for my mysterious disappearance. Between doing (more like dying) Insanity workout six times a week, French classes three times a week and work, the only thing I have time for is eating and sleeping. It was a very [...]


January 12 2014

I tend to stay away from long coats as it tends to swallow up my miniature self but I was adamant to get on the ‘oversize anything’ train that I made it a mission to find one that would suit my frame. I charged and conquered Zara sale and found this one amidst racks and [...]