After weeks of eating the same triangle sandwiches from the nearby supermarket at work, I decided to make myself a sandwich that is worth eating and filling. I crave the egg salad sandwich from MBCo (Montreal Bread Company) from time to time but it’s not worth the trip so I decided to whip up make a homemade version using this recipe. This is the first egg salad I made and was quite picky with the egg/mayo ratio so there was a lot of eyeballing and tasting to get to the right texture I was looking for (I like it with a texture and bite). I replaced the chives with fresh dill to give the salad an extra kick. Finish it off with by seasoning a generous amount of salt and pepper to bring all the flavors together. I made a batch and kept it in the fridge for an instant lunchbox sandwich.

Submerge the boiled eggs in ice water to stop the eggs from cooking and it will also be easier to peel

You can use greek yogurt or light mayonnaise. I used both.

Add thin slices of celery for crunch and texture

Assemble your sandwich with lettuce and your choice of bread


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