I love picking up flowers for our home. It unfailingly puts me in good mood especially when our entire house smells like fresh flowers and well they’re just so damn pretty to look at! I visited my go-to flower shop to get some lilies for a dinner we hosted last week and I was beyond excited to find all my favorite flowers in the shop (which never happens): lilies, hydrangeas, tulips and peonies. Rather than going crazy and picking out a dozen of each kind, I went back home and laid all my vases to see what arrangements I can do. I’m no Martha Stewart (I wish I am) but I thought I’d share with you some tips on floral arrangements you can easily do at home.


My husband buys me a bouquet of my ultimate favorite lilies ever so often. I like to arrange them in a column vase like the image below or a flared vase to achieve that nice big floral centerpiece. Place them on your dining table with a bowl of fresh fruits/lemons or on a sideboard cabinet with scentless candles like how I did with mine. This is I think the most achievable formal arrangement since everyone own or had been gifted a column or flared vase.

Vase from Alessi


Flowers in Mason jar are all the hype right now and it certainly is my favorite floral arrangement (we used 60 mason jars for our wedding). I like to pick one specific flower and do a tight bouquet like what I’ve done with the peonies in the image below. You can also pick out garden flowers and herbs and create a loose and uneven arrangement for a more rustic feel.  Wrap your mason jar with twine or burlap for that extra touch.


A low arrangement is ideal as a dinner centerpiece or as a nice decoration piece on your coffee table. I used a small ice bucket but if you have a cube vase, it’s even better. Hydrangeas are great to use in any low vase. Stick to one color and tie them tightly so it will look like one large lush bloom that’s very elegant. Perfect for entertaining at home.


Don’t own a vase? Not a problem! You can use a tumbler or water glasses to create a small side floral arrangement that you can literally display anywhere. You will find mine in my bedside table, kitchen sink, bathroom, and next to my computer or by the window. I love crisp white flowers like tulips as it makes any arrangement look breathtaking, it also gives a nice contract when arranged in a simple glass. Pick up cheap vintage glasses from flea markets or tabletop sales like mine.


Small flower arrangements are so freaking adorable, it makes me want to organize a tea party in a tutu and tiara. I love using bud vases and what I love even more is using miniature tin cans (I collect tin cans) as a vase to create that vintage look. Pick up one rosebud or plenty small flowers in different colors and arrange them however you please. This arrangement is a fixture in my jewelry cabinet or makeup tray as it makes getting ready fun!


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