My makeup drawer had been organized not so long ago but lately I’ve been finding myself tossing my makeup into the drawer and not in their proper container. It’s partly because the containers doesn’t fit perfectly in our custom made drawer (it’s a weird size) and they tend to move around a lot. After a month of actively looking for containers or divider that fit, I decided to D.I.Y it instead using leftover foam board and carton in the house. First thing was laying out my everyday makeup products (the rest is in a makeup case) and configure a division between my face, cheeks, eyes, and lip products. Next is making use that there’s enough space to hold additional purchases (it needs to be future proof) and then the rest is all about the DIY details. My new set-up works really well and it makes getting ready in the morning much more pleasurable and organized. Here’s a look at how I DIY’d my makeup drawer.


Tools: steel ruler, cutter, glue, tape, scissors, marker, pencil, measuring tape, cutting board, carton and foam board

D.I.Y lipstick holder I found on Youtube

Configure items and draw the divider with a pencil. Take into account the width of the divider while measuring.

Cut dividers and use glue to stick onto the base foam. Hold for 30seconds.

Once dry, assemble divider in the drawer and start filling in

I used a clear container with adjustable dividers to store my blushes, eye products and cheek stains

My eyeshadows used to be in my 18 eyeshadow palette. I transferred them to a 4 palette and created color combinations. I now have neutrals, all-round eyeshadow, blues, pinks and greens


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