April 1 2014

Woah! Clumsy Chic year two anniversary. For someone that easily gets bored and need constant change, I wouldn’t have imagined I’d be blogging until now. But Clumsy Chic has become a space where I constantly challenge myself creatively and learn something new everyday. I always have my readers in mind when putting up posts and I hope that my blog becomes a part of your everyday life and a source of inspiration and fun.

My goal is to continuously improve Clumsy Chic so it becomes a space that you all enjoy and love. Therefore, I would love to connect with you and get your thoughts on what you’d like to see more of on the blog. You can e-mail me on [email protected] or leave me a comment below.

I’m celebrating my second year anniversary by re-looking at some of my favorite posts of 2013.


{DIET LOVE: Marking my return from a blog break with this fun and energetic post}


Summer-Beauty_6{SUMMER BEAUTY ESSENTIALS: My favorite beauty post thus far. I had fun styling these products}


Morrocan-Chicken-Cover1{PAN-ROASTED CHICKEN WITH HARISSA CHICKPEAS: An easy, vibrant and delicious dish. Anthony and I finished the entire pan after this shoot}


Cannes-packing_2{CANNES WE GO: I take packing my pretty seriously. Here I showed my cannes packing list in a creative way}


DSC_3557{BATTLE WITH ACNE: revealed my biggest insecurity and my ongoing battle with acne}



Montreal_8{MONTREAL SNAPSHOTS: Montreal has quickly become a city that captured my heart}


Breakfast3{BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS: Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I take it very seriously. Here are 4 healthy breakfast meals I prepare on most days}


StanSmith2{STAN SMITH: Favorite purchase of the year is my Adidas Stan Smith}


DSC_2749{D.I.Y CHRISTMAS GIFT TAGS: Christmas season is when I go on a full-on DIY mode and last year I made a homemade gift tags}


Jewelry_2{JEWELRY EXHIBIT: Showcased my favorite place in the house. This is the corner that makes me smile everyday}



Spain_Cover{SPAIN ADVENTURE: Finally fulfilled my dream of traveling to Spain}


stripes-81{STRIPES AND DENIM: A relatively simple fashion post but my most memorable because of the fun we had behind the scenes}


tiffanyblue3{TIFFANY BLUE: My favorite fashion post thus far; the location,the dress, the moment were all perfect}



  • Anthony

    Woohoo! Congratulations!!!
    2 years of Blogging!!!
    I am soooo proud of you!
    You’ve really gone a long way; keep up the good work ;O)

  • Mia

    Well done ! And congrats on a great blog! Looking forward to seeing more great posts for the coming years!:-)


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Clumsy Chic!

    • Thanks Saria!This calls for a cupcake and champagne

  • Congratulations Karen and many more to clumsy chic. Well done!

  • HAPPY TWO YEARS!! Your blog s so awesome and pretty!!! I want it to have 5 years birthday then 10 years!! Love you!!