January 2013


January 31 2013

After recovering from my fever last week, I dove straight to work this week and it’s been a hectic one. I’m off to Berlin next week for work so I’ve been pulling late nights in the office or running errands some nights. It was this week that I’m reminded how blessed I am to have [...]


January 30 2013
Jan Beauty Collage

  Moisturize is the word on every women’s lips this winter. It sure is the toughest season leaving our skin, lips and hair really dry. I completely adopt a new beauty routine and toiletries stash during colder months and spend more time in the shower to make sure my skin is well moisturized and hydrated. I [...]


January 29 2013

Living in desert Doha made me non-resistant to cold weather and the snows. The last time I was in Berlin, I had an amazingly warm Canada Goose jacket courtesy of my friend Alex but I would run to the mall almost everyday to buy either a beanie, gloves, warm leggings and more scarves. I definitely [...]


January 28 2013

I was on a food cleanse diet devised by Bon Appetit at the start of the year. The cleanse was supposed to be only for two weeks but I stuck with it for a month now with the occasional slip in the name of dessert (brownies and magnolia cupcake). My new eating philosophy is about being [...]


January 27 2013

I love the idea of wearing whimsical dresses in winter a la The Virgin Suicide layered with chunky sweater or toughening it up with a leather jacket. I bought this white lace dress online a few months ago but didn’t realize how it made me look like an innocent 12-year-old going to her first communion. [...]


January 23 2013

  It’s no secret that I’m in love with Gwyneth Paltrow. She is like Martha Stewart meets Kate Moss. She’s a domestic queen, style stunner and hella cool. She always look impeccable on the red carpet but takes a relaxed approach when it comes to her casual style. You can see that she relies on [...]


January 22 2013

I fell in love with Isabel Marant brand when Kate Bosworth wore the Betty trainers at Coachella Music Festival in 2011. The brand pioneered in making effortlessly cool pieces that just becomes instant favorites. I am currently obsessing over Isabel’s Spring 2013 Etoile line for it’s laid back pieces and summery prints and colors.I particularly [...]