December 17 2013



There something about Christmas season that makes me motivated to bake, decorate and craft. 3 different kinds of cookies were baked, holiday decorations were crafted and put up and this weekend, my presents were wrapped using kraft paper and DIY Christmas tags.

I promised myself last year never to DIY my wrapping paper and Christmas cards again because it took so much time and effort only to be ripped apart by the men in my family. But I was magnetized upon opening my craft boxes (I have 4 boxes and counting) and saw glitters, twine, craft paper, ribbons and more glitters- I was hooked and found myself laying all my supplies on the table and got crafting.

Here’s how I created three different D.I.Y Christmas gift tag designs using supplies I have on hand. Mind you though, my craft stash rivals that of a stationery store but here are some basic supplies and tools you’ll need:


Gift tags (I handmade mine because I couldn’t find a proper one here in Doha. I used Bristol 200gsm papers)

Wrapping paper or origami papers ( I got mine from Daiso)

Washi tapes


Stamp and colorful ink pad


Tools: Cutter, Ruler, Glue, Sharpie or any colored marker, colorful pens,



I couldn’t find gift tags in Doha so I handmade mine using 200gsm Bristol paper and outlined a gift tag shape (W5.5cm x H11cm)



This design is super easy and makes use of wrapping paper you have on hand. Simply cut the gift wrappers into any shape or design you want and using regular craft glue, paste it onto the gift tags. Using letterpress stamps and ink, stamp holiday messages. Tie your gift tags with twine and you’re done!

Tag 1_1

Tag 1_Procedure

Tag 1_Final



This is another simple design with washi tape and sharpie markers. Stick the washi tape in your preferred design (you can even use multiple designs) and using a sharpie, created a patterned backdrop. Here I did stripes and polka dots. Write holiday greetings on the washi tape or in the card itself.

Tag 2_1

Tag 2_Procedure

Tag 2_Final


This is my favorite design simply because it involves glitters! This take more work than the two other design but the result will make you instantly smile. Using a spouncer and regular school glue, stamp the gift tag really carefully so the glue doesn’t slide off. Sprinkle the glitter on top of the polka dot glue and wait for a few seconds until it dries and tap off excess. The spouncer is reusable and can be cleaned with water and soap.

Tag 3_1

Tag 3_Procedure

Tag 3_Final

P.S.: I got my spouncer, glue, silver sharpie, Bristol paper and the kraft paper in Jarir bookstore



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