June 2013


June 30 2013

It’s rare that I go for girly flirtatious outfits since I’m easily mistaken as a 12-year old but it’s fun to embrace it from time to time especially in the summer. But my idea of ladylike style is always juxtaposed by something androgynous like a boyfriend blazer or this metallic footwear. Last week I wanted [...]


June 28 2013

Having just come back a vacation three weeks ago, I’m excited as a kid to go off on a holiday again, but this time with my husband. We leave today so this week felt like a raise against time to finish what I needed to do before we leave. But it wasn’t all hectic; I got to [...]


June 27 2013

Summertime is the perfect opportunity for me to learn how to make cocktails. We have a well stocked bar to create an assortment of concoctions but I don’t know where to start and the idea of whipping out bar utensils seem a lot of work- it immediately puts me off. But I’m pretty determined to [...]


June 25 2013
Gaudi Effect_Cover

Traveling is a luxury that not everyone gets to do. I grew up not having a chance to go anywhere other than my hometown and when I was old enough to go on my own, I make it a point to go someplace new once a year (Dalai Lama’s golden rules). Traveling is one of [...]


June 23 2013

I live in easy breezy dresses in the summer. It’s a lazy girl’s solution to looking great and appropriately dressed in the heat without looking like you’re heading to the beach (I’m talking to about ladies who live in shorts, t-shirt and flip flops!). Over the years, I’ve collected a decent amount of summer dresses [...]


June 21 2013

I haven’t done a week roundup since my blog redesign so I decided to bring it back. I started this feature to look back and remind myself of the little things that made me happy throughout the week captured through my iPhone. I mentioned here that I’m on a detox diet. I’m on my second week [...]


June 20 2013
Summer Beauty_Cover

Everyone’s beauty routine should go through a transformation every season and It’s time rethink our beauty essentials this summer. I’m not suggesting to get rid of your current beauty stash but to incorporate some products, scents, colors, formulas that are appropriate for warmer months. Always looking at the practical side of things, I look for [...]