January 9 2014

Recipe via Bon Appetit

Eating healthy is a reoccurring New Year resolution that usually happens for the first couple of months and goes downhill by March. So here you go, my fifth-year attempt to eat healthy. My strategy this year is to teach myself easy and healthy recipes using readily available ingredients (no more traveling great distances to find kale). Great thing Bon Appetit’s January issue features healthy recipes that are easy to do. This pan-roasted chicken with harissa chickpeas stood out mainly because of its vibrant color and is a one-pot dish so I obviously decided to give it a go. I’ve sparingly used harissa paste before and the ¼ cup measurement made me a bit nervous so I started with 2 tablespoon and gradually added after tasting. The dish is pretty simple to do and requires little work. Plating the dish with couscous resulted to this sumptuous burst of colors; it immediately makes you hungry. True to its colors, the dish was bursting with flavors from the harissa paste, roasted chicken and zing from the lemon. Anthony and I easily managed to polish off half of the pan. This is a great weeknight recipe and will impress guests when entertaining.




  • jaymmy assaf

    you dish looks more delicious than the original link. i will inbox u some links to easy healthy dishes, so this year your healthy habits last longer than march