May 16 2013

Being an organizational freak, I used to store all my jewelry neatly in a jewelry box but once it started spilling out, it was time to think about other storage solutions.

I realized that I haven’t worn most of my jewelry because they were hidden at the bottom of a box, so I toyed around with the idea of creating a space that showcases my jewelry without looking cluttered.

Instead of purchasing organizational drawers and boxes, I took inspiration from stores that display their jewelry in such a beautiful way, almost like a prop set for a magazine shoot. Most of my jewelry have a story behind it, either a gift from a special someone or a purchase from my travels in flea markets or local jewelry designers. I wanted to create a space that reminds me of that everyday. Having collected my different display pieces, this has been my favorite spot in the bedroom and it definitely makes me happy seeing my collection grow. Here is a glimpse of my jewelry exhibit and tips on how to recreate it.


The first thing to do when organizing your jewelry is to evaluate what you have and throwing old/broken items or donating the stuff you don’t need. Put your jewelry by groups, as this will dictate what kind of space and storage you’ll need.




Think outside the jewelry box- I think the best part of organizing is figuring out what objects you have lying around the house and use them as jewelry holders. A good guideline is to envision how you would naturally pick your jewelry without rummaging through piles. Here I used a big candle to hold my necklaces, a cake stand, ‘branch’ necklace holder, vintage tray, teacups and saucers, even a miniature souvenir Eiffel tower to hold my rings.


Add personal touches - Display memorable items so that your space becomes more personal. It can be a jewelry box you had from when you were a kid, a picture frame with your loved ones, your favorite candle scent or your favorite flowers.





Final advice - after you have all your jewelry organized and nicely displayed, maintenance is the key to keeping it looking visually appealing rather than messy. Make it a habit to put stuff back and use your storage as a boundary that when things start piling up, it’s a clear sign to reevaluate your pieces and see what you can donate or purge.


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