May 2013


May 29 2013

I had the pleasure of going on a holiday in South of France (Cannes included) before traveling to Cannes Film Festival for work. I feel that I have more appreciation for the town behind the glitz, glamour and the celebration during the festival. I love going for my morning walk to work through Rue D’Antibe [...]


May 27 2013

First of all, apologies for the weeklong silence, I was caught up with the craziness that is Cannes Film Festival. The atmosphere of the small city of Cannes lifts up during the festival with red carpet premieres, screenings, beach parties and yacht events that goes on almost 24 hours a day for two weeks. My [...]


May 16 2013

Being an organizational freak, I used to store all my jewelry neatly in a jewelry box but once it started spilling out, it was time to think about other storage solutions. I realized that I haven’t worn most of my jewelry because they were hidden at the bottom of a box, so I toyed around [...]


May 14 2013

Instead of throwing a party for my birthday, Anthony and I decided to spend a quite weekend at the W hotel for some quality time and much needed relaxation before I head off for 3 weeks. It was by far the best weekend staycation I’ve had with so many highlights and surprises from Anthony. It [...]


May 12 2013

I’m all about letting your mood dictate what you wear. For my very special birthday celebration, this dress completely encapsulates what I’m feeling: happy, cheerful and full of love. I picked up this dress a few months ago for my wedding anniversary but never got to wear it. I decided to wear it on my [...]


May 9 2013

My birthday is tomorrow and I’m so excited. Anthony got us a room at the W hotel Doha this weekend and our only agenda is to relax and spend some quality time before I head off for 3 weeks. I’m turning 27 tomorrow and for me this is a pivotal point in life where you [...]


May 7 2013

  With Cannes Film Festival just around the corner (I leave next week), I had to plan a proper travel packing strategy to ensure that I bring stylish clothes without over packing. My 14-day trip in Cannes will be a whirlwind event where I’ll be constantly on the run, so I took the time to [...]