December 3 2013
December Hope

To the people that still read my blog, you may have concluded that I gave up on the whole blogging business after a month long disappearance. Admittedly, I have considered waving the white flag a few times as I was spiraling down to nothingness. The questions ‘what am I doing?’, ‘what do I want to do with my life?’, ‘what’s wrong with me?’ and the usual self-doubting questions kept repeating themselves in the shower, at work, and before I go to sleep. I made the decision to take a break from blogging as I didn’t feel it was fair to flaunt a fake version of myself having it all together. Behind the scenes, I felt my job is going nowhere, I don’t feel a sense of purpose with my life and just felt flat, uninspired and numb to everything that’s going on around me.

I took this time to focus on myself and tackled my problems one step at a time starting with myself. A great friend gave me an advice that stayed with me: “When everything in your life falls into the ground, you have no option but to get yourself back up”. It was one of those ‘slap in the face’ advices that made me stop mopping around, sat down alone and transferred all my negative emotions on paper. I crumpled it and threw it away and said to myself ‘Let’s start over shall we?’

It could only get better from here on out so I declare December a time for hope and love. It’s the time for a fresh start surrounded by family and friends. Last night, Anthony and I put on our Christmas tree and unwrapped the surprise tree toppers we got for each other. It was one of those momentous times where I felt that I’m going to be OK or as my husband always assures me ‘Everything is going to be fine’.

I wish you a wonderful month ahead filled with laughter and love.





  • Anthony

    Hey! It’s great to see you’re back to it! We’ve missed your blog!

    • Thank you Anthony! Hope you come back and continue checking my posts this month

  • Sarah

    Hey Karen! great to see you back and yes whatever trails and tribulations we face count on friends and family to pull us through it all, hope you have a blessed month ahead filled with christmas joy… looking forward to some festive posts :D

    • Hi Sarah, thank you for your sweet note. I hope you have a wonderful month as well. 20 more days till christmas!

  • Gio

    Welcome back !

    • Thank you! I wasn’t expecting such warm returns from people. Truly grateful