January 2014


January 12 2014

I tend to stay away from long coats as it tends to swallow up my miniature self but I was adamant to get on the ‘oversize anything’ train that I made it a mission to find one that would suit my frame. I charged and conquered Zara sale and found this one amidst racks and [...]


January 9 2014
Morrocan Chicken Cover

Eating healthy is a reoccurring New Year resolution that usually happens for the first couple of months and goes downhill by March. So here you go, my fifth-year attempt to eat healthy. My strategy this year is to teach myself easy and healthy recipes using readily available ingredients (no more traveling great distances to find [...]


January 7 2014
Travel Bucket List Cover

Traveling brings about unforgettable moments, sensations, inspirations and self-discovery. What I treasure the most of the gift of freeing your mind to opening your eyes to the beauty of the surroundings. I am most inspired when I travel and find inspirations from people, food, architecture, smells and colors. You also discover something new about yourself, [...]


January 5 2014

I finished reading Alexa Chung’s ‘It’ book last week and have newfound admiration for her unique style that got me inspired to find a style that truly represents me. If only I wasn’t so indecisive and bouncing off from one style to another. Lately it’s a toss between casual androgynous and rocker chick. A testament to [...]


January 3 2014
Week Roundup- 5 Jan

This time today Anthony and I are supposed to be in India for a friend’s wedding but was not able to travel because of some paperwork I have to do. I’m bummed about not being able to see my friend walk down the aisle and also not being able to get out of the country [...]


January 2 2014

Hello 2014! January is the time to welcome change and embrace new things yet to come. For me, January immediately comes with a new roll of belly fat as a result of my excessive feasting during the holidays. I’m now experiencing a new level of body discomfort and all I want to do is to [...]