August 2013


August 30 2013
Week Roundup Template_30 August

There are time when no matter how much energy you poured into something, you’re still left defeated. This was my week when nothing seemed to be working despite my best efforts. Whenever I see myself in this situation, it’s important to take a step back and take notice of the little positive things around you. [...]


August 29 2013

This month’s theme is 90s nostalgia and crying at family movies and zombie documentaries. The return of the 90s made me reminiscent of my glorious teenage years, movies I used to watch, music I used to listen to and being able to do 500 sit ups hoping to get Britney Spears abs. This month, I’ve [...]


August 27 2013

Fashion houses like Chanel are Dior are exclusive brands that I admire from a distance, the ridiculous price points alone automatically give me ulcer. Prices aside, their clothes are just not adaptable for mortals like us who work a 9-5 job. There’s one high-end brand though that’s been grabbing my attention each season: Saint Laurent. [...]


August 25 2013

Blazer is a staple in my wardrobe all year round. It’s also the one item that fits me perfectly so I make sure to have a well-rounded collection. During the warmer months, I go for a version in light fabric in a relaxed cut so it doesn’t feel restrictive. This waterfall blazer has become this season’s [...]


August 21 2013
Cover-Landing Area

I can’t stand clutter especially in our house. I like to have a place for everything. In fact, I’ve been secretly annoyed by my husband for using the top of our bar cabinet as a dumping station for when he gets home. His wallet, phone, grocery raffle coupons and perfume were squatters on my pretty [...]


August 20 2013
Karlie Kloss COOKIES

When it comes to desserts, an old-fashioned chocolate chip cookie is more appealing to me more than cakes or cupcakes. It’s an ideal accompaniment to take out coffee and perfect afternoon or late-night snack. The problem though is I can never just have one. So in effort to control my sugar intake, I started looking [...]


August 18 2013

My legs are my biggest insecurity (my round face comes to a close second) so I tend to stay away from mini skirt since it highlights my thighs and skirts below the knee accentuate the biggest part of my legs. Thank goodness for the arrival of midi skirt. It’s an all-round flattering length, giving you [...]