July 2013


July 30 2013
clumsy more than chic

My blog revolves around all things fashion, beauty, travel, organization and design. But I am as ‘clumsy’ as ‘chic’ for the most part. I am literally clumsy (bumped my head while opening the fridge), would cause distraction in the house and say stupid things worth quoting. Oh and I like trashy reality shows, celebrity gossips [...]


July 28 2013

I go through different fashion phase often times influenced by the current trend. It’s fun to embrace and experiment with new looks but I always fall back to what looks good and feels comfortable. For me, it’s relying on basic but classic pieces and adding a little androgyny and rocker edge. This chambray and black [...]


July 26 2013
Week Roundup-25 July

I don’t know what it is about Ramadan period that has ‘non-fasters’ feeling tired a lot. It could be the heat or lack of water but I go through an afternoon slump and wanting to nap all the time. I’m determined to kick this feeling and take advantage of the shortened working hour to hit [...]


July 25 2013

Celebrities and street style stars are embracing the cropped tops this summer and I’m utterly crushing on this trend as well. How could you not? It’s the perfect combination of sexy and demure. It shows off a woman’s curves by highlighting the tiniest part of the waist and shows off that hard earned washboard abs. [...]


July 23 2013
Pouding chomeur_cover

No one leaves Canada without bringing back a maple something back home whether it’s candies, cookies or a simple pot of maple syrup. I brought back a large amount of maple syrup and then realized it was a dumb idea since I didn’t even know what to do with it. Enter pouding chomeur, a traditional [...]


July 21 2013

I consider a simple white shirt dress as a classic staple. For me, it epitomizes summer dressing-imagine wearing it outside in the sun with brown sandals, straw bag in hand and sunglasses and floppy hat on. I’ve been on a look out to find the perfect dress for while but haven’t found one that met [...]


July 18 2013
Travel Must Do copy

Living in Doha has its perks and disadvantages. One of its many advantages is getting the time to travel and explore new countries but living here also means adapting to a lifestyle change and certain constraints out of respect to the country’s religion and culture. So whenever I get the chance to get away, I [...]