September 2013


September 29 2013

Do you know what color is Chartreuse? It’s the color between Big Bird’s yellow and Ghostbuster’s slime green ghost. In fact, I’m officially announcing it as the coolest color having found out that it is named after a French liqueur. I played around with the idea of using chartreuse for my wedding but quickly shook [...]


September 26 2013
Clumsy Nonsense Sept

It’s the end of the month so I’m rounding up my not so chic golden moments including my latest disaster involving Kale, my dream of becoming Spock’s best friend and wishing that I could have married Sherlock Holmes instead. Taking a cue on Meritt Wever’s Emmy acceptance speech… I GOTTA GO!


September 24 2013

I get excited about the Emmy more than the Academy Awards since I’m more invested in TV shows and the characters. It feels like watching your besties Mindy Kaling, Zooey Deschanel and Lena Dunham walk the red carpet and you are truly rooting for your favorite TV character to win (Carrie Mathison). I woke early [...]


September 22 2013

My excitement for 90s grunge comeback is very well documented here and here, it’s starting to sound like a rant (we get it Karen!). It’s the first time though that I’m finally able to put it into practice with ‘the’ plaid shirt- yay! My determination to find a great vintage pair was put to the test when I [...]


September 20 2013
Week Roundup-20 Sept

I accomplished a lot this week. I took some time off after my trip in Toronto to take care of important things I’ve set aside for a while (like change my last name) and making plans with friends I have not seen in ages. I came back to work feeling refreshed and motivated to start [...]


September 17 2013
Balancing Act Cover

Whenever I hear stories of women or friends who do it all: have a career, family, personal life and stay fit, my immediate reaction back then was to roll my eyes and secretly want to punch them in the face solely because I was a hot mess and could not juggle different things without getting [...]


September 15 2013

After a week in trench coat and sweaters in Toronto, I was quite happy to welcome the warm weather of Doha when I came back. I happily slipped into my summer clothes again and realized that I should probably take advantage of these last few weeks to wear my skirts, camisoles and dresses. It sounds [...]