Welcome to Clumsy Chic! My name is Karen Gines, the face behind the blog.

My blog is all about celebrating the things I love, things I want to try (in the kitchen, at home… on my feet!) and the places on my ever growing ‘must-visit’ list. By documenting my take on fashion and beauty, cooking, organizing, DIYs and my travels, I hope to inspire my readers and provide them with that extra nudge of encouragement to go after the things they too are most passion about.

Clumsy Chic launched in 2012 as a way to maintain my creative exercise and help me to keep stimulated and motivated at work by doing the little things that keep me happy.  Clumsy Chic shares with you the things I feel passionate about, from my day-to-day thoughts to other more important things. My husband Anthony and I are all about celebrating the little things in life, as it’s the small things that make us happy. He’s certainly become a big part of Clumsy Chic, not only as the man behind the camera but as a  genuinely interested and invested partner in supporting me in what I do.

Happy reading!