July 16 2013

Montreal is a city close to Anthony’s heart having lived there years ago. This trip was planned for me to see the city, meet his friends and experience the lifestyle especially in the summer.  Having no expectations or idea in my mind of what it would look like, I was completely captivated by the charm and vibe of the city.

Montreal has a European feel with its cobblestone streets, corner bistros, and beautiful old buildings. What quickly drew me in was the relaxed and laid back atmosphere and attitude of the people. You see Montrealers occupying a patch of grass as their lunch spot, reading a book at a café, going for a run in the park and enjoying free live music, all the qualities of life I crave for.

Inspiration is also on every corner especially that there’s a huge focus on music and arts. Graffiti covered the city walls and art installations appear like mushrooms. The International Jazz Festival was happening while we were there so we managed to take advantage of the free concerts and getting to see ‘She and Him’ was phenomenal.

Anthony asked me one day what I loved most about Montreal and I said the freedom of self-expression. I felt like people are at ease with themselves, they are encouraged to do what they want to do and to say what they want to say casually or artistically. You see impromptu street musical performances (pianos are placed in the streets for public’s use), people covered in tattoos and whomever you speak to is either doing something creative as a job or as a hobby.  I definitely felt at ease and even discovered a bit about myself while I was there which was refreshing and liberating.

Two weeks in Montreal is definitely not enough. I fell in love with the city the first week I was there and dreaded to leave the place. Here I’ve compiled my favorite photos from our trip and you can see my social media pics here and here.



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