June 20 2013
Summer Beauty_Cover

Everyone’s beauty routine should go through a transformation every season and It’s time rethink our beauty essentials this summer. I’m not suggesting to get rid of your current beauty stash but to incorporate some products, scents, colors, formulas that are appropriate for warmer months. Always looking at the practical side of things, I look for products that will keep me fresh and hydrated especially with the heat waves and humidity here in Doha. When it comes to cosmetics, I’m embracing a dewy, bronzed skin and pops of bright colors to make my everyday makeup fun. Here are a few of my recommended beauty must haves for this season for a bit of inspiration.


I have a skincare regime that I follow but I mainly change my toner, moisturizer and lip moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated from the extreme sun and hot wind. My favorites this season is:

Keihls Acai Damage-Protecting Mist: a fresh toner that is full of antioxidant that helps balance and refine my skin tone.

Bliss Triple Oxygen + C Energizing Cream: Lightweight moisturizer that hydrates and revives dull skin from sun exposure. Smells lovely and feels fresh on the skin.

Keihls Ultra Light Daily UV Defense: Living in Doha means you are exposed to harsh sun and I never leave the house without wearing sunscreen. I opt for a light formula that is not sticky and is easy to apply. I discovered Keihls suncreen last year and I’ve been using it ever since.

MAC tinted lip conditioner: In addition to my usual Bonnebell lip balm, I use this lip conditioner everyday as it provides a nice tint, it’s a nice alternative to lip gloss.



A full-coverage foundation should be avoided during summer. There’s no concealing a mask of foundation under the bright sunlight and what’s worse is having your foundation melt from the heat. I love a good tinted moisturizer or BB cream and retouch my make-up throughout the day with a loose powder.

BB Cream: I picked this up in Tokyo and got two different shades that I mix to match my skin color.

Giorgio Armani Micro-fil Loose Powder: This is a great non-drying formula that won’t leave your face cakey. It’s a great setting product and feels luxurious.



I don’t normally pay much attention to contouring and highlighting my face when doing my everyday makeup but it’s become my focus this summer. I gravitate towards a good dewy, bronzy face and my secret to achieve that is by using these products:

Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer: this four shade bronzer is great to use individually or all the shade (which I do) by swirling your blush brush. Apply it under the cheek bones, along the temple, top of your forehead and the bridge of your nose.

MAC Blush: don’t forget to apply blush after you’ve contoured your face. Apply a nice rosy or coral blush on the apples of your cheek and blend it outwards.

Benefit Watt’s Up Highlighter: apply a dab of highlighter above the cheekbone and on your brow bone. Blend well to avoid getting streaks.



Bright pinks (bright orange comes second) are my choice of shade in the summer. It’s fun and suitable for all skin tone. I chose a more subtle pink in the morning especially in the office and put on a more attention-grabbing shade for a night out or during the weekend.  Bright lipstick is a simple way to brighten your mood-promise!

(L-R): MAC Lipstick in Chatterbox, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Pygmalion, MAC Lipstick in Speaklouder, Chanel Rouge Hydrabase in Splendeur, Chanel Lipgloss in Scintillantes



I know some of us have our favorite perfume we use all year round but it’s important to change your scents (at least for me, i have a winter and summer perfume) and go for scents that compliments the current temparature and atmosphere. Avoid anything strong and musky and go for something light and fresh. Think of scents with floral or citrus undertones. My Miss Dior Cherie and Frediric Malle Lys Mediterrane are on weekly rotation.




I tend to stay away from eye products like eye shadow since it’s the first thing that melts in the heat. Instead, I keep it bare and apply a coat of mascara but if I want to play up my eyes, here are my go-to items:

Burberry Eyeshadow Palette: To brighten up my eyes and conceal my tired eyes (especially when you wear eyeglasses as I do), I like to go for a natural barely-there shades with a slight sheen.

Make Up For Ever Eyeliner: When I want to have fun with my eyes, I love using colored eyeliners that I apply at the bottom of my eyes instead of a typical brown or black color. My current favorites are gold and green.


I hope this will inspire you to think about your summer beauty essentials. Would love to know what your must haves are in the comment below!



  • I love bright lipstick! big fan :) I also love my mac baby pink lipstick time to time in the summer.

  • That Burberry quad is such a gorgeous nude palette - I actually wore it yesterday!

    • I agree. I’ve been reaching out for it everyday. What a great investment!