March 2 2014
Diet Love_Cover1

Tshirt: ASOS (similar here) | Pants: Mango | Shoes: Golden Goose (similar style) | Watch: Casio | Rings: H&M

Hello folks, remember me? I’m back from  blogging hiatus. I have Shaun T and the French to blame for my mysterious disappearance. Between doing (more like dying) Insanity workout six times a week, French classes three times a week and work, the only thing I have time for is eating and sleeping. It was a very dark, dark two months but I’ve resurrected feeling better than ever and what better way to celebrate than to get Clumsy Chic up and running again.

You may wonder why I chose a t-shirt and sneakers instead of fashion forward outfit to mark my return. Simple: I’ve not been able to part ways with these pajama-like wide leg pants; I’ve worn it so much that it started to accumulate fuzzy pillings. It’s the best and worst thing that happened to me. Plus, who doesn’t want a bit of Diet Love?

Diet Love51

Diet Love11

Diet Love21

Diet Love31

Diet Love41


  • Anthony


    I was wondering when you’d get back to it.
    It’s good to read you again.