My legs go weak and my head spins whenever I enter a stationery shop. Notebooks, card stocks, pens and office supplies are my absolute weakness more than chocolates (now that’s a statement) and my dream is to have an office space at home simply to display my ever growing stationery collection. But since that’s not happening in the near future, I decided to add a little personality to my desk at work. In additional to my rhinestone pen, this D.I.Y. glitter thumbtacks now hold postcards and important notes at work and they add just the right amount of sparkle yet discreet enough for a corporate environment.

You’ll need: craft glue or mod podge, cardboard, glitters in color of your choice, small paint brush, thumbtacks, clear nail polish

Line the thumbtacks like soldiers and push them in the card board


Apply a small amount of glue and spread it evenly with the small brush


Sprinkle glitters and let it dry. Continue to this the next batch


Once all dry, tap excess glitter (don’t waste them, put it back to its container), apply a thin layer of clear nail polish and let it dry for at least an hour