When you live in a place like Doha where most people have a ‘all work, no play‚Äô lifestyle and where eating out is considered a weekend activity, it‚Äôs easy to become jaded and burn out. Week roundup helps me look back at highlights of my week and pay attention to little things that makes me happy. It‚Äôs a simple way to put a dash of positivity in our daily lives and when I‚Äôm feeling positive, I‚Äôm inspired¬†inspired to create something beautiful whether it‚Äôs putting together outfits, trying out new recipes or taking on creative projects. I encourage everyone to try this every end of weekdays and you‚Äôll instantly feel better. Here are some highlights of my week.

Have a wonderful weekend folks!

Curing a bad day with pinkberry (pomegranate with blueberries, strawberries, shaved almonds and chocolates

Being on a diet is not that bad if I get to prepare a beautiful appetizer like this

Our bar is all stocked up

Negronis in funny devil glasses- Evil drink!