You can tell how excited I was to get my sandals made

I always make it a point to get myself a one-of-a-kind present whenever I travel. I listed down some ideas before I traveled to Italy: mask from Venice, chili pepper necklace, leather goods or Italian shoes. I came across thousand of options along the way but nothing made my heart leaped until I discovered a shop that specializes in making custom-made sandals in Rome. di San Giacomo is a small hole in the wall shop located in Santa Maria Novella, you can’t miss it though because of the wonderful display of colorful sandals in all style- I was immediately hooked and rushed inside to get myself a pair.

There are more than 60 different colors of leather straps to choose from but I went for a classic route since I’ve been meaning to get myself a tan or caramel-color sandals in time for summer (as seen on Kate Bosworth and Rachel Bilson). I discussed the design in sign language (the guy doesn’t speak a word of English) and left the shop feeling excited about the result.  30mins later, I came back to get my sandals correctly fitted. He meticulously measured and adjusted each strap according to my feet shape. After another 10 minutes, my new pair was ready, I immediately binned the sandals I was wearing and hit Rome’s cobblestone street for a test drive.  Here’s a glimpse:

Sandals on display as example

So many colors to choose from!

Getting my sandals correctly fitted

He works on fixing the straps onto the sandal

Voila!. My own made to fit sandals