There are some recipes that I try purely because they’re fun to make especially if you have your friends or hubby to help out. I found these colorful Pretzel Hershey’s Kisses and M&Ms recipe, a perfect movie or game night snack. I made a bunch this weekend for a ‘Friday the 13th’ movie night with my girls and I was very happy with the result. The combination of the salty pretzel and chocolate (I’m all about salted chocolates lately) goes well together and they’re damn easy to make, I think kids would enjoy making them as well. My favorite part was lining up the pretzels and pressing the M&Ms onto the melted chocolate as I found the process therapeutic.

Three things. That’s all you need. You can experiment on chocolate combos. I think Reese’s peanut butter cups would be a cool variation

Put pretzels and M&Ms in a bowl

Line the pretzels in a baking tray and place the Hershey’s Kisses on top. Pop them in the oven for 3 minutes

Gently press the M&Ms after the Hershey’s Kisses had melted

Leave to cool before serving