Now experimenting with glitters. Chanel 549 Distraction

This week was filled with lots of fun highlights and surprises. We lounged around our pool with a book and drinks ( I managed to pack a proper tan in 10minutes) and got to spend some time with my rowdy girlfriends which is always fun. But the main highlight was last Monday where I almost fainted with excitement when a net-a-porter box arrived in the office and an early delivery of my much awaited book. I rushed home to show off my new purchases and was floored to find that Anthony got me a food processor, I started jumping like a giddy little girl. The next obvious move was to cancel all existing plans this Friday in exchange of reading my new book from cover to cover and cooking up storm with my new awesome toy.

Here are silly little things that made my week.

Have a fab weekend pancakes!


My last splurge before diving into my diet. Teuscher chocolates from W Hotel

Ipad version of Vogue

Finally got my hands on Isabel Marant Dicker boots

Anthony surprised me with this ‘top of my wishlist’ food processor. He’s a keeper.

This is how Anthony makes breakfast


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