I started traveling a lot more because of my job but regardless of work or leisure travels, I stick by these three golden rules:


I consider myself a curious traveler and one of the great joys of traveling is trying something new whether it’s food, activity or language. It’s also an incredible personal journey of self-discovery to learn your likes and dislikes. Recently discovery: I’ve climbed the Batu Caves in Malaysia, Great Wall of China, Sacré-Coeur in Paris in the past and after having climbed the Doumo Tower in Florence, I realized that I have a fear of climbing steep stairs because I tumbled and tripped a lot when I was a kid.

On top of Duomo Tower in Florence. Won’t let go of the railings. Maybe afraid of heights too?

There’s nothing better than having escargot in Paris- Jadore!


Open your eyes to all kinds of inspiration around you. I think I look like someone high on ecstasy since I find everything absolutely exciting and fascinating. I’m definitely most creative after coming back from my travels. I try to recreate food I tasted,  experiment interior design ideas from the color pallete I’ve seen in my surroundings, make not of  fashion inspirations while people watching in a café and even adapted certain lifestyle in my everyday life (like having an “aperitif”)

Taking inspiration from the surroundings in Japan to our home. Our bedroom is very zen and used wood and bamboo furniture and with colors grey, pinks and green

Loving the unique street art in Berlin


When we were in an airport water taxi in Venice, I sat in front of this woman who complained the entire ride about how long it was taking and didn’t appreciate the beauty of the city. This is the greatest travel tip I’ve learned since I’m also an anal control freak. But I’ve learned that some things won’t go your way or as you planned and when that happen, LET GO. There’s absolutely no reason for you to get worked up around unexpected hiccups so brush it off and enjoy your time. You’ll also be less painful to your travel companion.

Still enjoying the beach even though sunburnt and swollen

I’d like to know. What are your golden rules when traveling?