January 5 2014

Dress: Free People (similar option) | Jacket: Maje (similar option) | Shoes: Acne | Necklace: Givenchy (different stone setting)

I finished reading Alexa Chung’s ‘It’ book last week and have newfound admiration for her unique style that got me inspired to find a style that truly represents me. If only I wasn’t so indecisive and bouncing off from one style to another. Lately it’s a toss between casual androgynous and rocker chick. A testament to this bipolar take on fashion is my outfit last week vs. what I wore this week. I scored this dress on sale and it immediately reminded me of Drew Barrymore’s circa 1990s with the leather jacket and floral dresses. I pulled the same look minus the wild curly hair and cigarette and opted for simple jewelry and a slight peek-a-boo lace bra. I decided to go back to rock for a little while since this dress has been getting quite the ‘double look’ from my husband.

Then it’s off to feeding my vanity (which may involve test shots) for the sake of finding my unique style. I may end up being more confused or just plain giving up. I shall report back.

rock5 rock6 rock4 rock3 Rock_1 rock2


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