January 3 2014
Week Roundup- 5 Jan

(From L-R): Date night at the W Hotel, Day out with Anthony, Photoshoot outtakes, trying out new hairstyles

'Qatar My Country' exhibition, New Years Eve costume, New Years resolution, A day at the spa

My hangover cure, books lined up this week, our 1st elevator selfies, Throwback Thursday: my birthday at Jollibee

This time today Anthony and I are supposed to be in India for a friend’s wedding but was not able to travel because of some paperwork I have to do. I’m bummed about not being able to see my friend walk down the aisle and also not being able to get out of the country to breathe. We decided not to sulk though and take advantage of our time off to spend quality time together and also do things that we’ve been pushing back (like see my dentist for instance).

This week though was my recovery week from too much eating and New Years Eve drinking. Recovery means planting myself in the couch and partook in a movie marathon and ate take out. I did get out of the house for a day at the spa and went to my friend’s house to watch more movies in her giant projector screen.

Since I don’t want to set my 2014 feeling like a hermit, this following week, we are doing what cliché people do in the beginning of the year and attempt to get back in shape and start working on new projects, I’m announcing it to the world so we have no other option but to succeed!

Our staycation kicks off this weekend with brunch, movies and drinks with friends. I plan on teaching myself to relax and detach from technology. Hope you all enjoy what is lined up on the blog next week and in the meantime, here is my week roundup in picture. Don’t forget to connect with me on Instagram (clumsyandchic), Facebook or Twitter.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.





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