January 7 2014
Travel Bucket List Cover

Traveling brings about unforgettable moments, sensations, inspirations and self-discovery. What I treasure the most of the gift of freeing your mind to opening your eyes to the beauty of the surroundings. I am most inspired when I travel and find inspirations from people, food, architecture, smells and colors. You also discover something new about yourself, good and bad and challenge you to do at least one thing that scares you. It’s become an important aspect of my life and a passion that I share with my husband.

This year, one of our resolutions is to travel more and go on adventures before we start settling down and build our family. I gave him a Great Adventures book which got us inspired to put together a travel bucket list (why not dream big). The process not only got me excited to list down places I want to go to but also narrowed down things I want to discover and experience like the Holi festival in India. So here are in order of priority, my travel bucket list.

I’d love to know- what’s on your travel bucket list? Comment below, I’d want to hear your thoughts and share travel tips!

Travel Bucket List Countries




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