Eid in Doha was pretty pleasant even when I had to go to work. The roads were empty and the office was empty so I got a lot of stuff done without any distractions. I also took a day off and spent the day having boozy lunch with friends and catching up on New Girl and Walking Dead over rosemary popcorn. My highlight of the week was going to the Russian ballet with my friend and fashion twin Alex and hubby Anthony. The three of us got all dressed up, Alex wore a ballet bun and a bow tie, I wore a green dress with a ballet pink clutch and Anthony donned a sharp suit. This weekend, Anthony is going to teach me how to ride a bike (with no handlebars) he even got me my own basket for my not yet purchased bike.

What are you dressing up as this Halloween? We’re doing our own little thing by doing pumpkin carving and making Reese’s peanut butter cups

Happy Halloween everyone!


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