May 29 2013
Cannes Snapshot_Cover

I had the pleasure of going on a holiday in South of France (Cannes included) before traveling to Cannes Film Festival for work. I feel that I have more appreciation for the town behind the glitz, glamour and the celebration during the festival. I love going for my morning walk to work through Rue D’Antibe and discovering little alleyways and stopping by to get coffee and cookies at my favorite patisserie shop. I also love the energy on the Croisette street where buildings are enveloped with movie advertising and where you see people wearing tux and gowns running in the rain to catch red carpet screenings. However tiring the festival can get, I still get to appreciate the little things and moments that makes my every trip special.

Here is a glimpse of what the atmosphere at Cannes look like.

Cannes Snapshot_1

Cannes Snapshot_2

Cannes Snapshot_3

Cannes Snapshot_4

Cannes Snapshot_5 Cannes Snapshot_6

Cannes Snapshot_7



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