January 29 2013
Berlin winter wear

(from left-right): Canada Goose jacket, Isabel Marant cable knit pullover, J.Crew chambray shirt, Comme des Garcons striped t-shirt, Lulu Frost necklace, Dannijo necklace, Topshop scarf, knit leggings, trapper hat, ASOS gloves, Prada tote bag, MiH jeans, Topshop shoes

Living in desert Doha made me non-resistant to cold weather and the snows. The last time I was in Berlin, I had an amazingly warm Canada Goose jacket courtesy of my friend Alex but I would run to the mall almost everyday to buy either a beanie, gloves, warm leggings and more scarves. I definitely learned my lesson so this year I’m preparing ahead of time by putting together winter proof outfit inspirations that will give me an idea of what to pack. Here are some of my Berlin winter essentials that include three layer of tops, warm leggings, skinny jeans, shearling shoes and an unflattering but cozy trapper hat. I’ll also need a large tote to carry all my work items and my big camera around me at all times, maybe not a Prada bag but a girl can certainly dream :)


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